A temporary hair smoothing treatment formulated with SILICONES and HYDROLIZED KERATIN with high and low molecular weight. The silicones carry out a hair smoothing action. The keratin binds to the hair acting internally and externally carrying out a restructuring action helping the hair to keep beautifully smooth for weeks. It also gives softness, shine and eliminates excess of volume and the fuzzy look. It protects the hair from external humidity. The keratin low molecular weight proteins penetrate inside the hair reinforcing the cortex, the high molecular weight works externally healing the cuticle. It is an antioxidant (it fights the aging of the hair). Protects the hair fibres from UV radiations. Highly conditioning, moisturizing and protective. Soya proteins nourish the hair structure. Wheat proteins revitalize the hair adding body and bounce. Ginseng extract energizing and strengthening action Bamboo extract nourishes and gives vitality to the hair. For best results at home and to maintain the hair smooth longer, it is suggested the use of Kerabond Reconstruction line


Stage 1

Shampoo with Keratin +++ Clarifying Shampoo avoiding to rub the scalp as it is a hair product.

Rinse thoroughly.

Dry using a hairdryer and a paddle brush

Stage 2

Apply Keratin +++ Intensive Treatment as follows:

  • Divide the hair into four parts,
  • Starting from the nape, take sections of approx. 1 to 2.5 cm. thick
  • Wear appropriate gloves. Apply the product, (with the use of a brush for colors) starting from 3mm from the scalp right through to the ends.
  • Comb the hair using a thick comb and make sure the product is distributed homogeneously on the whole length.

NB: do not apply an excessive amount of product as it could cause the hair to look oily and heavy. It could also cause problematic styling and/or flat ironing of the hair.

Cover the hair with a plastic cap and leave it to process for 20min. For resistant or natural hair leave it on for 30min.

Once processing time is over, remove the plastic cap, comb the hair to check that the application was homogeneous.

Using a hand dryer and a flat, (paddle) brush dry the hair. Before using the flat iron make sure the hair is completely dry.

Stage 3

Straighten the hair using a flat iron.

Divide the hair into 4 sections

Starting form the nape. Taking sections of 3mm, flat iron each section from the roots ends.

  • For damaged, bleached hair, or with double chemical treatments: set the flat iron on 204-210°C and go over the same section with the iron for 4-6 times.
  • For tinted hair and hair with 50% or less of highlights, set the iron on  216-221°C  going over the same section with the iron 6-8 times.
  • For natural or resistant hair set the flat iron on 227-232°C going over the same section 8-10 times.
  • If the hair presents with split ends reduce the number of times going over with the flat iron on the ends.
  • Complete the hairstyle.

NB: Once the smoothing of the hair is completed DO NOT WASH THE HAIR FOR AT LEAST   72 HOURS. Should the hair get wet, simply dry it and flat iron it with the flat iron set at a lower temperature.

AFTER AT LEAST 72 HOURS, for better results we recommend to wash the hair with Keratin +++ Post Treatment Shampoo and condition with Keratin +++ Post Treatment Mask. For home use and to keep better, lasting results use Kerabond reconstruction line