Our daily life is increasingly exposed to constant environmental pollution that threatens the well-being of our health. We are in fact going through a particular period in which we must be more sensitive and careful to the environment around us, which is currently full of fine dust, radiation, PM10, UV rays, smoke, greenhouse gases and other pollutants. From research and technological innovations in the cosmetics sector, with URBN we present a line of products with a detoxifying and anti-pollution action.


The innovative formulation of URBN protects and purifies the hair and scalp from environmental damage and pollution, thanks to HYDROPOM, a water-based LICOPENE which is a natural active ingredient obtained from tomato peels grown in Italy. LICOPENE has an anti-radical, anti-pollution and anti-aging effect that also protects against UV radiation. In vivo tests and scientific analysis confirm the effectiveness of this active ingredient in counteracting pollutants, ensuring healthier and cleaner hair and skin.



Multifunctional shampoo with detoxifying and anti-pollution action.

For normal or slightly treated hair and for frequent washing. Removes impurities and frees hair from harmful agents. The shampoo formulated with eco-compatible raw materials in a perspective of sustainability and respect for the environment, contains delicate surfactants that perform an effective detergent action without depleting the hair nor weighing it down; removes both the excess of sebum, and all the impurities and any residues anchored to the scalp, freeing the pores. It brings freshness and removes bad smells.

Contains Licopene, with a detoxifying and anti-pollution action. It also contains tea tree oil, a natural bacteriostatic with an astringent action; menthol and eucalyptol, with refreshing, decongestant, antiseptic and disinfectant properties; mint essential oil: balsamic, refreshing and sanitizing.

HOW TO USE: Apply the product on the scalp and gently massage emulsifying. Leave on for 2-3 minutes and abundantly rinse with lukewarm water.

SIZE: 250 ml



No-rinse conditioning and restructuring mousse with detoxifying and anti-pollution action.

It gives softness, shine and silkiness without weighing down the hair. Facilitates the hair set by increasing the ease of movement of the comb. Contains Lycopene, with detoxifying and anti-pollution action. It also contains Ceramides2, D-Panthenol and linseed oil, which perform a moisturizing and emollient action, leaving the hair shiny and vital.

HOW TO USE: apply a small amount of product onto washed and buffered hair and distribute evenly over the entire length. Do not rinse.

SIZE: 200 ml



No-rinse multifunctional spray with detoxifying and anti-pollution action.

Conditions, disentangles, polishes and restructures. Leaves the hair soft, shiny and soft. Contains Lycopene, with detoxifying and anti-pollution action. Contains Argan oil, with antioxidant, emollient, moisturizing and strongly elastic properties and proteins of rice, wheat and silk, which play an important restructuring and nourishing action. These proteins have a high affinity with the hair fiber on which they exert a revitalizing action.

A special revolutionary formulation to guarantee 12 diversified services inside the salon, an indispensable support for the demanding stylist:

1. Conditions

2. Moisturizes and nourishes

3. Gives body and volume

4. Prevents split ends

5. Gives shine

6. Keeps color

7. Revitalizes damaged hair

8. Keeps the fold

9. Protects against heat plate

10. Detangles

11. Tames frizz

12. Repairs Damaged Hair

HOW TO USE: spray the product on the whole hair from a distance of 20-25 cm. It can be used both on wet hair before drying and on dry hair to revitalize the hairstyle.

SIZE: 150 ml