Being AMMONIA FREE it reduces the risk of breathing apparatus allergies and minimizes scalp sensitivity.


The lack of p-Phenylenediamine makes this color much more gentle on the scalp and less aggressive to the hair.

Botanical Hair Color lifts up to 3 levels, it guarantees perfect coverage of grey hair, it does not stain the scalp and can be easily removed by rinsing.

The formula is enriched with Cocoa Oil and natural extracts such as: Hamamelis, Plantain, Camomile, Birch, Horse tail, Hypericum and Horse chestnut which nourish the hair and carry out a protective, softening, hydrating, invigorating and cleansing action, it also helps to improve the natural shine and elasticity of the hair.

PLANTAIN astringent, anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic, anti-allergenic and carry out a healing action.

CAMOMILLE acts as antibacterial and soothing agent,

WITCH HAZEL/HAMAMELIS stimulates the formation of the epithelium and activates microcirculation; antiseptic and astringent.

Mix carefully in a non metallic bowl or in a shaker. The mixing ratio is 1:1 (100 ml of color + 100 ml of Oxicreme). For normal use and to cover grey hair: mix with Oxicreme 10 and 20 volumes.

For resistant and thick hair mix with Oxicreme 30 volumes. To obtain up to 3 levels lift mix the color with Oxicreme 40 volumes. Apply to dry unwashed hair. Leave it to process for 30-35 minutes.

Virgin hair: apply the color to middle length and ends, leave it to process for 10 minutes then apply to roots and leave it to process for futher 25 minutes.

Warm shades: it is suggested to apply the color to midlle length and ends and roots at the same time Cold shades: it is suggested to apply the color to roots first, leave it to process 15 minutes then apply to middle length and ends Re-growth: apply the color to the roots, leave it to process for 30 minutes, comb to middle length and ends, leave to process for further 5 minutes.

SIZE: 100 ML